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FNA 2020 has gone VIRTUAL!!  Don't miss this opportunity as a supplier to gain new customers and leads through FNA 2020 Virtual.

Watch this video to see full details of exhibiting at

FNA 2020 Virtual

FNA Virtual Booth Package

  • Register and customize your virtual booth

  • Upload technical/marketing documents and video product demonstrations 

  • Have up to 10 Sales Reps registered within your booth for entire conference

  • Be able to text, chat, audio and video call with attendees visiting your booth

  • Be able to share your screen in real-time with attendees for presentations

  • Real-time download of attendee leads who visit your booth

  • Full download of all attendees who register for FNA 2020 Virtual 

  • Free access to 4-LIVE webcasts & 35+ technical sessions in the conference area

  • Show marketing campaign through Industrial Heating Magazine, Heat Treat Today, and Thermal Processing

FNA Virtual Booth Cost:  


$1,350 - MTI Members (10% discount)

CLICK HERE to Register for your Virtual Booth


Attendee Registrations:  Kristen Speer -

Exhibitors:  Amanda Motes -

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