FNA 2020 Notice on COVID-19

The FNA Show Management and Metal Treating Institute (MTI) Executive Committee continue to meet weekly to work through developments on COVID-19 on all MTI meetings, including FNA 2020, to make any adjustments or contingencies.


With FNA 2020 still a long ways off in the Fall, at this moment, everything is still continuing as planned. However, things are changing daily and the moment the MTI leadership feels adjustments need to be made, those decisions will be made sooner than later.  At anytime changes or adjustments are made, you will receive a notice of the change.  


We will be posting the same on the FNA 2020 website as well.  Feel free to reach out to me anytime.  Our leadership is working to stay out in front of the virus impact and make the appropriate decisions.

Feel free to visit the MTI CoronaVirus resource page by CLICKING HERE.  This page includes a vast array of information, best practices and MTI produced webcasts on working through the COVID-19 crisis.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the following:

Tom Morrison - CEO MTI Management - tom@heattreat.net

Amanda Motes - MTI Director of Meetings - amanda@heattreat.net

FNA 2020 starts in...

Experience the Energy of FNA with Over 1,700 Attendees from 14 Countries and 170+ Top Suppliers in Heat Treating

Who Should Attend


FNA 2020 is a melting pot of the best minds in heat treating. Owners, CEOs, Presidents, and key executives from every facet of the heat treating operation will be in attendance.  This provides you a "who's who" list of knowledgeable people to network with on business opportunities and solutions for daily challenges.

  • Heat Treat Company Owner
  • Heat Treat Department Manager
  • Heat Treat Division Director
  • Heat Treat Facility Manager
  • Heat Treat Production Manager
  • Heat Treat Technical Director
  • Heat Treat Systems Superintendent
  • Heat Treat Metallurgical Engineer
  • Heat Treat Operations Coordinator
  • Heat Treat Maintenance Manager
  • Heat Treat Quality Control Manager


Title Sponsors

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Technical Sessions


One of the biggest features of FNA is the quality of the technical sessions.  Experts from all over the world share their knowledge on the latest trends and technologies in equipment, processes, and materials.


Show Sponsors




The FNA 2020 Trade Show Floor will be filled with over 170 top suppliers in the heat treating industry. 

Technology is changing faster than ever.  At FNA 2020, you get to see it in one place.


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