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The FNA 2024 Technical Program will be selected by the FNA Conference Committee in the first quarter of 2024.  If you would like to submit a presentation for consideration, please click the following link and complete our online form.  Presentations are 35-minutes in duration, must be 100% educational and use the FNA power point template for presenting.  All sessions are video taped and provided for viewing by all paid attendees once FNA 2024 has concluded.

CLICK HERE to submit your presentation for consideration.

Deadline for submission:  April 12, 2024

FNA 2024 Technical Session Grid - Coming May 2024
FNA 2024 Technical Sessions With Full Descriptions - Coming May 2024

TRACKS and Sessions

Coming May 2024

The following are the list of companies

who presented at FNA 2022:

  • Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry, Inc.

  • AFC-Holcroft

  • ALD Vacuum Technologies

  • Bluestreak Consulting

  • Can-Eng Furnaces International, Ltd.

  • Center for Heat Treating Excellence

  • Chiz Brothers

  • Control Concepts

  • ECM USA, Inc.

  • Eurotherm by Schneider Electric

  • Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems

  • Hi-Tech Furnace Systems

  • Honeywell Thermal Solutions

  • Idemitsu Lubricants America

  • Ipsen

  • ITC - International Technical Ceramics

  • Nanmac

  • Nel Hydrogen

  • Nitrex Metal Inc.

  • PVA TePla America

  • Quaker Houghton

  • Radyne

  • Rockford Systems

  • Rohde Schutzgsoefen GmbH

  • Rolled Alloys

  • RoMan Manufacturing

  • SAFECHEM Europe GmbH

  • SECO/VACUUM Technologies

  • Solar Atmospheres of Western PA

  • Steelhead Technologies

  • Super Systems Inc

  • Surface Combustion, Inc

  • WS Thermal Process Technology Inc.

FNA 2024
Technical Sessions


Attendee Registrations:  Kristen Speer -

Exhibitors:  Amanda Motes -

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